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Root Canals

Most patients fear those dreaded words “Root Canal”. At Dr. Eric Van Sluyters’ Glendale office we perform many root canals in a stress free and painless environment. With his many years of experience and training along with state of the art equipment; he has made the root canal procedure a much less frightening experience.

A toothache can often mean nerve damage that is extremely painful and requires a root canal. Inside each tooth just under the white enamel is a soft tissue called the pulp. Inside the pulp there are blood vessels, tissue and nerves. When the pulp becomes infected or irritated this causes the pain you feel. A dentist removes the infected or inflamed pulp and then cleans and disinfects the inside of your tooth. After being filled and sealed, your tooth will receive a filling or crown to finish the repair.

Although it sounds complicated, today’s root canals are relatively easy procedures when performed by expert surgeons like Dr. Van Sluyters.

Our brief description of a root canal can be explained and clarified much easier in Dr. Van Sluyters’ office where he can go into greater detail about the aspect of your particular root canal. Don’t suffer another moment, call us at 623-773-1991 to have your painful tooth addressed immediately.

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