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Dental Implants

All facets of dental implants are provided at the office of Dr. Eric Van Sluyters’ Glendale, Arizona facility. There are many reasons for tooth loss, but one of the most effective and long lasting solutions is a dental implant. Implants are a long lasting permanent fix for any tooth loss. Cosmetically appealing and easy to take care of; dental implants give the patient the confidence of knowing their smile is back and their implants look and feel natural.

Dr. Van Sluyters will thoroughly examine the area in question to determine if a dental implant is right for you. Dental implants are quickly becoming the standard for replacing missing teeth. Unlike fixed bridges that use adjacent teeth as anchors or removable dentures; a dental implant is permanently anchored to the jawbone and does not affect the adjacent teeth.

Although it may sound like an intimidating surgical procedure, dental implant surgery is actually quite quick and easy. It is typically much less invasive and painful than the removal of a natural tooth. Anxiety is further put to rest by Dr. Van Sluyters’ state of the art facility, relaxing atmosphere, and caring staff.

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